Property Management

Your leasing agent takes an application of the perfect tenant! Once you qualify them, collect the monthly rent from them on a timely basis, you think your job is done. But what if, after you have gone through all of that, they move out on you in the middle of the night? Now you have to find a way to get the back the rent, the repairs from the damage they leave behind and the balance of the lease agreement from the tenant.

Premier Debt Portfolios understands what you go through with your tenants. We are here to collect the money owed to you by tenants at the end of the process so you can spend your time managing new tenants who will pay you on time! At Premier Debt Portfolios, we provide collection services that get you results and remove the burden of dealing with delinquent accounts from your already full plate. Our third party debt collection agency utilizes seasoned professionals with specialized training in collecting property management accounts. We will have staff members managing your accounts who have actually worked in property management or that have gone through specific training that familiarizes them with terms and conditions of the standard lease agreements, as well as the psychology involved in collecting a property debt.

We have developed collection scripts exclusively for property debt collections, along with documented objections and rebuttals that are most common on property debt collection calls. The biggest problem in any business is being able to spend the maximum amount of time on the issues that bring you the maximum amount of revenue. You are an expert in the field of property management. We excel at collecting debt directly related to your industry. Premier Debt Portfolios can make it easier by producing revenue on your delinquent accounts. Property management is not easy…CONTACT US TODAY!!!