Effective Contingency Based Debt Collections

As your Third Party Contingency Based Partner, we serve as a buffer between you and your clients so you can maintain an ongoing relationship if necessary. You can choose to outsource some of your collection efforts to Premier Debt Portfolios and use us to compliment your existing internal efforts, including being a back up to your current collection agency. We can locate and collect from debtors anywhere in the United States. Our automated collection system contacts debtors more frequently, which increases the opportunity to make contact with debtors on our clients’ behalf. We have leverage that helps us consistently exceed the national average for successfully collecting and returning money to our clients. Let us work for you!

Contingency fee basis

Contingency fee basis means no fees unless we collect.

Major credit bureaus

All “paid in full” accounts reported to the major credit bureaus

State-of-the-art Predictive Dialing System

Predictive Dialing System results in more live customers to help you increase revenue and productivity.

Industry Experience

Experienced collectors with extensive work history in the industry

Bonded, licensed and insured

Hiring a company that is not licensed, bonded, and insured places you at a significant risk and can cost thousands more in the long run.

Excellent skip tracing capabilities

Skip tracing helps collectors quickly and easily locate people, assets and businesses to recover the full amount owed.


Many small business owners face accounts receivable challenges, but aren’t sure where to start when selecting a third party such as a debt collection agency to help with recovery. We are here to help by offering our services on a CONTINGENCY FEE basis. Contingency fee collections are at a specified percentage of the amount collected on each individual account. The fee is not charged until the collection is made, and there is no charge for accounts not successfully collected.

The percentage charged for contingency debt placement varies and factors that influence the likelihood of collection on delinquent debt include age of debt, type, location, etc. Take the first step in making the best decision for your business and your accounts receivable challenges…CALL US TODAY AT 866-715-8177!